Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Welcome to Working for a Dream (formerly Sparkle, Style, & DIY)! You might be wondering, why the name change? On this blog it'll be all things college, lifestyle, and a little beauty which really didn't fit the old name.  So I decided a change was in order. This blog is about working towards your dreams and how to get there. I moved most of my old blog posts over, so you can still find those here.

You can expect to see:
  • Two posts per month
  • College, lifestyle, and a little beauty
  • Lots of tips to help you succeed in college and reach your goals

If you're a reader from Sparkle, Style, & DIY (hey, I'm glad you're here!) you don't have to follow again on Bloglovin, Pinterest, or Etsy. Just on Google+ because I set up a new account.
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- Serena

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