About the blog:
I started a blog called, "Sparkle, Style, & DIY", in Fall 2014. I was inspired by my favorite You Tube beauty gurus and knew I had to give it a shot. I blogged about all things fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, but once I started college the name and content didn't fit anymore. In Fall 2016, I decided to turn it into a college blog, Working for a Dream, where I blog about college, lifestyle, and a little beauty. In April 2016 I opened my Etsy shop where I sell productivity/organizing printables.

About me:
Serena here. I'm a college freshman who loves reading, cooking/baking, beauty, fashion, and drinking tea. In the little free time I have I like to play with my dogs, train in martial arts, write for this blog, and watch Netflix.  Life is crazy so I try to post twice a month. 

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